The Shark Bay Community Resource Centre Inc has been in operation since October 2001. 

In that time it has demonstrated that it provides valuable services to the Shark Bay communities both permanent and visiting.  The Centre is currently open five days each week and has become a focus for visitors and locals seeking internet connection and local community development initiatives.

Of particular value to local people are our word processing, colour printing, colour photocopying & meeting room and laminating services, whilst our agencies for Centrelink and TAFE make communicating with these organisations much easier for Denham people.  Our video linking facilities have been used by the Police Service, the Ministry of Justice, Hospital services around the state, local businesses and clubs.  They are effective and cost efficient.


We have been lucky to have been supported through our earlier years by the Shire by way of rent free accommodation and we recently moved to a renovated building on the entry into Denham.

The beginning

On April 17th 2000, the Gascoyne Development Commission (GDC) called a public meeting to discuss applying to the Telecentre Support Branch (TSB) for the establishment of a Telecentre in Denham. From this meeting a steering committee was formed under the guidance of the GDC; with an original member of the steering committee still volunteering on the Shark Bay Community Resource Centre Board.

Early in 2001 approval was given to start a Telecentre in Denham for a minimum of 20 hours per week as stipulated in the contract with the GDC, to be paid for out of the $20,000.00 paid annually from the TSB.  The Telecentre would also receive $30,000.00 in a one of funding for equipment to operate the business.

The GDC negotiated with the Shire of Shark Bay for the Telecentre to be housed in the empty Shell Shop in McLeary House, on Knight Terrace (the main street foreshore) rent free for the first 3 years.

The steering committee had their last meeting on the 14th June 2001 and from this a management committee was formed.


Chairperson                 Katie Eddington

V/Chairperson             Sharon Dair

Secretary                      Dennis Wade (BEC or Small Business Centre Carnarvon)

Treasurer                      Jenny Waddell

Committee                   Errol Bartlett-Torr, Sue Edwards, Gordon Tester, Michelle Plume

                                    (Community Development Officer), Michelle Beer (GDC)

July 2001 Michelle Plume was replaced by Adam Hajat.

Busy Bee and grant applications

After much discussion and planning the committee together with spouses and anyone else we could rope in met at the Shell Shop on August 26th for a busy bee which involved a great deal of work removing old shelving, cleaning and painting walls.  The biggest task was the removal of the old counter which was built in the shape of a boat in the centre of the room.

Due to the size and construction of the counter we had no choice but to demolish it – with the help of a chainsaw. After a really busy day, the Telecentre was starting to take shape and over the next couple of weeks the finishing touches were made.

During September our co-coordinator Sue Rose spent many hours getting the most suitable equipment with the $ 30,000.00 grant money.

On Friday the 12th October 2001, the management committee hosted a wine and cheese night in the Shire Hall to showcase the new Multimedia equipment which had been purchased with a grant and invested in the SBCRC and also to let the public know about the soon to be opened Telecentre.

Tuesday 23rd October, 2001 – Soft opening of the Telecentre (unable to have an official opening as waiting for Tom Stephens MLA) Centre opened for 20 hours per week on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's, also acting as a Centrelink Agency.  Max Betteridge our TSB co-coordinator was there for the day.

February 2002 we received a grant from Lotterywest for $11,000.00 with which we were able to renovate the back rooms to install air-conditioning and purchase table and chairs and white board suitable for a meeting room – once again the committee had a busy bee on the 23rd of March to paint the back rooms.

official opening May 2002

After several attempts to get Tom Stephens MLA to open the SBCRC it was decided to have an official opening on May 8th 2002 and Les Moss Shire President was invited to cut the ribbon and officially open the Centre.

July 2002 funding received from the TSB to purchase and install video conferencing equipment.

At the end of 2002 it was decided to open the Telecentre for an extra 5 hours on a Friday and Helen Beck was appointed in February 2003 as relief co-coordinator for the extra 5 hours and also to relieve Sue Rose for holidays etc.

After successfully taking the Telecentre from strength to strength Sue Rose resigned as Co-coordinator of the SBCRC in April 2004.  Helen Beck also resigned at the same time due to relocating.  Jessica Beales was appointed as the new Co-coordinator with Maxine McDiarmid as the new relief coordinator.  Jessica being young and enthusiastic took the Telecentre in new directions especially with her knowledge of Design.

Later in the year Jenny Payet from the GDC joined the management committee to look at our future tenancy with the Shire – Shire talking of charging the SBCRC commercial rates for rent which would make it not viable for us to continue.

Jessica made a powerpoint presentation to the Shire, to show them the role of the Telecentre.

March 9th 2005 a meeting was called with various funding bodies and Shire reps to discuss various options for the future location of the Telecentre – the 3 proposals were moving with the Shire to the new precinct (planned for the near future), moving to the new CALM/ Fisheries building (planned for the near future) or renovating an old building i.e. School SIDE Centre as a new school being built in 2006.


In April 2005 we updated all our computers(7) using our own funds and were also able to open the Telecentre for an extra 5 hours per week on a Monday – so Telecentre now open 5 days (30 hours) per week.

Early in May 2005 Maxine resigned and her place was taken by Joke-Veitch-Vaneechoutte who later took Jessica Beales’ role as relief coordinator when Jessica took leave of absence in early 2006 to relocate to Perth.  Joke’s position as relief coordinator was taken by Jill Deschamp.  Joke became the Co-ordinator on 1st November 2006 and later resigned as of 30th of June 2008, and was replaced by a new staff member, Lucinda Sellenger (née Mather). Lucinda relocated to Jurien Bay on the 30th September 2008 and was replaced by the current coordinator Jamie Riegert.

During the month of October 2008, Jamie and staff trained with Shire officers to take over production responsibility of the local monthly newsletter the Inscription Post. The Inscription Post’s November 2008 issue was the first to be completed solely by staff at the Telecentre. The Telecentre's commitment to the newsletter has allowed each issue to be handed to the Editor (the Shire CEO) by the end of each month as was previously not able. The final edition is now printed and distributed in the community much earlier in each month then had been before the Telecentre had taken control.

Our IT Technician during May – June of 2009, began reconfiguring our 7 computers and laptop so they would all operate on a stand-alone basis rather than network orientated. This would minimise computer down time should the internet be inaccessible and also aid in preventing viruses across the Telecentre network.

19th June 2009, Jamie implemented the purchase of a new colour Ricoh Afico Multifunction machine with the help of an Infrastructure and Equipment grant for $10,000 from the Department of Local & Regional Development. The centre is now able to offer colour photocopies and more developed prints to the community which it lacked previously in the past.

As of the 1st January 2010, the Shark Bay Community Resource Centre took over control of the local community newsletter the Inscription Post from the Shire of Shark Bay. The Centre has implemented a $2 purchase price on the newsletter to assist in the expenses involved to produce the publication. 50c from each issue of the newsletter is being donated back to a non for profit community group in the community.

In April of 2010 the CRC implemented a book exchange which has proven to be ‘the big attraction’ in the CRC. All books have been donated to our Centre and the majority by our own community members. Possibilities extend in the near future to establish a reading area in the CRC, with a couch and coffee table too.

Also in April of 2010, the Department of Regional Development and Lands addressed the issue of the name Telecentre, often being confused with the term telemarketing. The rebranding of all Centre’s across the state to Community Resource Centres was initiated with a new logo, and funding for signage and promotional items.

Kieran Cross, a year 10 student at the Shark Bay High School began a Workplace Learning Program with our Centre during June 2010. Kieran expressed an interest in computer programming, operations and information technology and has proven to be an asset for our Centre. During July of 2011, Kieran was signed up on a traineeship for a year completing a Certificate IV in Multimedia. He is studying website design and will be working closely with Photoshop programs and logo design programs.

The Royalties for Regions funding has enabled the Department of Regional Development & Lands to provide all Resource Centres across the state with new funding agreements and opportunities. Since July 2010, the CRC has had a major visual facelift with new computers, workstations and a reception area catching everyone’s eye. These funding opportunities have specifically allowed our CRC to purchase new furniture and equipment, promotional material, software upgrades, fund governance and professional development requirements and much more without the worry of spending all our operational funding.

Present day

To date there are over 100 Community Resource Centre across the state with numerous more in the development stages. 2011 celebrated the 20th year of CRC’s in the state of WA, and the 10th birthday anniversary for the Shark Bay Community Resource Centre.

current staff & committee members

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Current Location

We are located at 10 Denham Road, Denham. 

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