Whether you are passing through, new to the community, or a local resident looking to become involved, contact us today to find out more about the diverse groups, clubs and activities that make our community so unique.

Get involved – new members are always welcome!

Community Associations

Borneo Exhibition Group

The War in Borneo 1942 — 45

“Sandakan — the story that must be told”

This Group fundraises money throughout the year to offer a paid for scholarship for a local school aged child and their guardian to attend Sandakan in Borneo for their ANZAC day service every year. Students must submit and present a 5 minute presentation to a panel of judges on their findings of the Sandakan story with which a winner is chosen.

Contact Details: Joe McLaughlin (08) 9948 1360, www.begwa.org

Denham Crafters

Denham Crafters meet every Tuesday afternoon at 1.30pm at the Shire Town Hall on the corner of Durlacher Street and Hughes Street.

All are welcome for a small charge of $2.00

Contact: Irene Marquis P: 08 9948 3016

RSL - Returned Services League Shark Bay

Contact: Brad McVinish  Ph: 0468 366 923

All events are held at the Memorial in Pioneer Park, Hughes Street, Denham.


5.45am Dawn Service, free community breakfast, 11am Service, Two-up at local Shark Bay Bowling Club. 

Remembrance Day


Shark Bay Arts Council

Contact: Emily Ward Ph: 0439 265 431

The Arts Council meets the first Monday of every month in their Arts shed at the read of the Shark Bay Community Resource Centre. 10 Denham Road, Denham.

Shark Bay Tourist Association

C/- Shark Bay Post Office, Denham WA 6537

Contact Details: Mira 9948 3459

Silver Chain HACC

The staff at the Silver Chain Nursing Post organise weekly outings for the HACC clients in the community.

Contact Details: (08) 9948 1400

Yadgalah Aboriginal Corporation

Francis Street, PO Box 61, Denham   WA   6537

Phone: 08 9948 1318, Email yadgalah1@bigpond.com


shark bay Anglican Church (St Andrews By The Sea)

Sunday Service -  9.00am, 35 Hughes Street, Denham - All welcome

Bible Study - Thursday 3.00pm (phone for more details)

Contact Details: 35 Hughes Street, Denham WA 6537

Phone: 08 9948 1067

Email:       standrewssb@bigpond.com

Catholic Mass

Held the last Monday evening of every month in the St Andrews by the Sea Church.


Sunday Service - 9:30 am at the community Recreation Centre (Francis Road, Denham) - All welcome to this non denominational church.

Contact: Mark Sewell  

Phone: 0427 481 719


Justice Of The Peace


Denham, 6537, P: 08 9948 1268

Dennis Hoult

Denham, 6537, P: 08 9948 1293


Denham, 6537, P: 0411 063 217

Rohan Teakle

Useless Loop, 6537, P: 0400 678 429

Marriage Celebrants

Civil Celebrant - Alison Beales

Authorised Marriage Celebrant based in Denham

Contact Details: Alison Beales (08) 9948 1339

Christian Celebrant - Tim Hargreaves

Authorised Christian Celebrant based in Denham

Contact Details: Tim Hargreaves (08) 9948 1338

Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Shark Bay Fire Brigade

Dampier Road, Denham   WA   6537

Phone: 000 in emergencies

Training is the first three Tuesdays of every month.

More Information Contact: Dave Harrower  Ph: 042 999 8944

Shark Bay St John Ambulance Sub Centre

Emergency Services Precinct,  Denham  WA  6537

Office Hours: 10am-2pm Wednesday/Thursday’s

Phone: 000 in emergencies

Email: saintjohns1@bigpond.com

SES - State Emergency Service

Shark Bay Unit

Joe McLaughlin (Unit Leader)

Duty Phone: 0417 097 330

Useless Loop Unit

Duty Phone: 0438 939 601

13 25 00

VMR - Volunteer Marine Rescue

PO Box 35, Denham WA   6537

Contact Details: Email vmrsharkbay@westnet.com.au

President John Craig Ph: 08 9948 1376


Sport clubs

Boolbardie Country Club (Golf)

Saturdays 1.30pm for 2pm start

Wednesdays  1.30pm for 2pm start

Contact Details: Jill Deschamp 08 9948 3224

Denham Bridge Club

Meets Mondays and Fridays at 1pm at the Shire Town Hall on the corner of Durlacher Street and Hughes Street.

Contact: Johan 045 825 5261

Shark Bay Bowling, Sport And Recreation Club Inc.

Saturday Scroungers

Contact the Bowling Club for more information

Contact Details: 08 9948 1353, 14 Francis Road, Denham, 6537

Shark Bay Pistol Club

Meet on Sundays at The Pistol Club

Monkey Mia Road

Contact details: Bruce Wade Ph: 08 9948 1448

Shark Bay Speedway

The Far Western Championship is always held on the Saturday, middle weekend of the WA July. School holidays - entry fees apply.

Bar, meals and merchandise available

Contact Details: President - Mick Reynolds Ph: 0419 961 819